Car charger


Car charger from Tricess allows you to charge mobile phones, tablets, music players, etc. Enjoy your electronic devices on the trip
SAFELY CHARGE your devices. It pulls 5 Amps with built-in SELF-HEALING FUSE. Prevent overcharge, overheat, over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, over-current and overload.
The dual port – who has a DIGITAL READOUT that tells you how many volts your vehicle is giving out, what amps your device is getting as well as the temperature – actually swivels (360° Rotation) allowing you to adjust its angle and manage your charging cable's directions avoiding annoying tangles.
Dual USB car charger, the dual smart USB ports quickly and easily identify your mobile devices, to provide optimal charging efficiency automatically; FAST charging(5A, MAX)
Powerful and Fast: This dual USB Car Charger can quick charge your device when you most need it.